Strategic Partners

SAfE - Surrey’s school-led Education Partnership

The legal governance of the partnership comprises representation from the four Surrey Phase Councils, the 6 Dioceses that have a responsibility for schools across the County, the 20 Surrey Teaching Schools and Surrey County Council.


Surrey - a rich and diverse education system   

We work closely with key school improvement providers and organisations to collectively sustain and develop an extensive model of school-led school improvement. Surrey is fortunate to benefit from a range of providers including; yy SCITTs and Appropriate Bodies for Teacher Training, the Surrey Plus Maths Hub, the Surrey Science Learning Partnership, Surrey Music Hub and Surrey Arts, Surrey SACRE, Durrington and Thornden Research Schools and the sub-regional English Hub.

Surrey is very well served by 20 designated Teaching Schools, supporting all phases of education. Our community of designated National Support Schools and the contribution of over 50 designated NLEs, SLEs and NLGs underpin the very valuable work that is coordinated through SAfE’s coordination of the delivery of the TSC SESL sub-regional school improvement programme.   

SAfE - the glue in the system

We recognise and celebrate the breadth and depth of expertise within Surrey’s school system and are delighted to be working with all Surrey schools, to identify and signpost best practice within our community and to facilitate the sharing of school to school provision and training to support all schools on their journey of improvement.




Working with partners beyond Surrey

SAfE is committed to sharing innovative solutions to problems and change, for improved outcomes of all children. To do so, we welcome the opportunity to work with strategic partners who deliver high quality thought leadership and system leadership.



EEF – Education Endowment Foundation 

A key principle for SAfE is that all of our work is underpinned by and informs the development of, a high-quality evidence base to support school improvement in Surrey.   

EPI – Education Policy Institute

SAfE is a subscribing partner member of the EPI, benefitting from the exceptional research and thought leadership that this organisation provides and working with them to further understand and work towards narrowing the disadvantage gap.  

Whole School SEND

SAfE works with Whole School SEND on ongoing workshops in Surrey. The Whole School SEND Consortium is delivering the Department for Education SEND Schools’ Workforce Support Contract and a randomised control trial funded by the Education Endowment Fund. It brings together schools, organisations and individuals who are committed to ensuring that every child and young person with SEND can maximise their potential. 

 AEPA – Association of Education Partnerships

The Association’s key principles reflect a belief that school-led improvement will only work if the system is inclusive and collaborative and that ‘locality matters’. SAfE is a subscribing member to this organisation which comprises over 30 partnerships across England and provides SAfE with the opportunity to continually develop and learn from best practice.

A wealth of resource at your fingertips

Please click on the icons below for access to the relevant strategic partner websites. Our partners offer comprehensive CPD, school to school support and access to teacher training provision, in addition to an extensive library of school improvement information and guidance.  



South East Surrey Teaching School Alliance

Holmesdale School


SEND Teaching School Alliance


West Hill School


George Abbot Teaching School Alliance

George Abbot


GLF Teaching School Alliance


Glyn School


Salesian Alliance




South Farnham Teaching School Alliance

South Farnham School


Innovation Teaching School Alliance


The Ridgeway School


i2i Partnership

Weydon School

Collaborative Learning Teaching School Alliance

Ewell Grove Primary School and Nursery


St Polycarps Catholic Teaching School Alliance

St Polycarps Catholic School Primary School


Paradigm Teaching School Alliance

St Joseph's Primary School


Tandridge Teaching Alliance

St Mary's CofE Primary School


St John The Baptist Teaching School Alliance

St John The Baptist School


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