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What's happening at SAfE?

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SAfE Welcomes back to Surrey Schools community as all learners return to the classroom

As we return to the chalkboard this September, SAfE wants to welcome all of our Surrey Schools community back. 

Following a period of significant volatility during the COVID-19 pandemic, our community worked exceptionally hard to make sure that all Surrey children could continue to access their education throughout school closures. School leaders and subject experts have worked together through our online networks to support one another and provide a wealth of home learning knowledge and resources.

As we head back to the classroom, SAfE hopes to continue providing this support and opportunity to collaborate with regular network meetings across primary and secondary phase, along with ongoing specialised webinars, and the resumption of our programmes to help support vulnerable learners.

You may have noticed some changes to our website - SAfE has been working hard to adapt to the needs of our community as we have weathered this pandemic, and we hope that our revamped website will provide the support you need as we enter a new school year. 

The SAfE Team



Goggle Drive 

Surrey schools donate thousands of goggles for NHS frontline staff

Schools across Surrey have been donating their PPE supplies - including goggles, aprons, gloves and sanitizer, to support NHS frontline staff. So far, an estimated 5,000 goggles have been donated.

But the drive is not over - 1,000 more sets of goggles have been asked for in the Greater London and Surrey region. If schools are able to donate to this important cause, please contact Cassia Steinbath of Hinchley Wood School here.

Local hospitals have been expressing their gratitude for the donations:

"Thank you so much! You cannot imagine what a difference your donations have made - you have definitely restored our faith in human kindness! Our doctors and nurses could not believe that they could now have their own pair of goggles, as the supply has been so intermittent and, as I told you, we had just run out of visors (disposable) when you arrived. We are grateful to you and your colleagues."

"These are coming just at the right time, thank you so much."

Is your school doing something special to support the community?

If your school is getting involved with community activities, or if you've seen an inititiative or a good news story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear about it. Contact us at

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