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Supporting best principles and practice

A short blurb on best principles and practice for EYFS

On this page you will find key documents in support of EYFS teaching principles, and details of approaches to EYFS learning including Froebel and Montessori, Reggio Emilia and the Leuven Institute.


Froebel and Montessori

A FROEBELIAN APPROACH to play requires:

  • Rich, first-hand experience.

Exciting experiences out and about, which extend children’s interests and open up new possibilities.

  • Time

Play takes time to get going. It does not thrive if it is squeezed into short time slots or constantly interrupted.

  • Open-ended resources

Simple but good quality resources can be transformed into many different scenarios.

  • Choice and control for children

to have ownership of their play.

  • Adults as sensitive co-players

who offer freedom with guidance to enrich the potential of play as a learning context.


The 5 Principles of the MONTESSORI METHOD are based on:

  • Respect for the Child

Respect is shown for children by not interrupting their concentration. Respect is also shown by giving pupils the freedom to make choices, to do things for themselves, and to learn for themselves.

  • The Absorbent Mind

Through their senses children constantly absorb information from their world. They then make sense of it because they are thinking beings.

  • Sensitive Periods

There are certain periods during which children are more ready to learn certain skills, and last only as long as is necessary for the child to acquire the skills. The order in which sensitive periods occur (i.e. a sensitive period for writing) as well as the timing of the period varies for each child.

  • The Prepared Environment

Children learn best in an environment that has been prepared to enable them to do things for themselves. Always child-centred, the learning environment should promote freedom  to explore materials of their choice.

  • Auto education

Children are capable of educating themselves. Teachers provide the environment, the inspiration, the guidance and the encouragement for children to educate themselves.


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