Our Programmes to support Vulnerable Learners

SAfE is working with the Surrey education community to help identify routes for narrowing the learning gap for vulnerable learners.

Details of our programmes on narrowing the gap will be shared in due course during the Autumn term.

Participants of our Pupil Premium programme can find information and resources on this page. For more information on the learning gap, visit Thinking and Research, and for more on how the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures has impacted the learning gap, visit COVID-19 Catch Up.

Pupil Premium Programme

Raising outcomes for pupil premium learners in Surrey Secondary Schools

In the Autumn term of 2018, we launched our project to raise outcomes for PP learners in Surrey Secondary schools.

The project started with a conference that set the scene for our work, stating the stubborn issue of the continued attainment gap for children and young people in Surrey.  We heard from a variety of experts who helped to inform and shape our thinking.

Over 20 secondary schools committed to participation in our project which was due to run over the next five terms.  We established action research groups, each facilitated by a senior leader from a Surrey Secondary school where outcomes for PP learners were above the Surrey and national norms.

At each session, participants had the opportunity to learn from each other as well as specialists from other schools and organisations.  Using the EEF implementation guidance as a tool to lead change, school leaders were able to reflect and review progress they were making with the priorities they had identified in their own school.

As the academic year 2019/20 draws to a close, we asked participants to record a summary of their work.  There will be much to celebrate as well as lessons learned.  As we prepare to support young people with their learning in the post pandemic world, the learning from these projects will not only be informative to those who ran them, but also to colleagues in other schools.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank every leader who has generously shared their work with us, and permitted us to share their summaries with you.


Summaries of these projects are provided here.

Please note, the following are powerpoint presentations so we recommend you download on desktop only:

Please note, the following are Loom video links:

Tomlinscote School


Tomlinscote School - Raising outcomes for PP students project from Schools Alliance for Excellence on Vimeo.


Primary Disadvantaged Pupils

In January SAfE Launched a new programme to raise outcomes for Primary Disadvantaged Pupils.

Representatives from over 100 schools joined our initial launch event, which featured presentations from independent consultant Christine Counsell and Kirsty Godfrey, HMI and Ofsted national lead for phonics and early reading. You can read an article about the launch of this programme here.

For those joining our event on September 29th, please find the optional review documents we would like you to complete ahead of the event at the links below:


Whole school SEND May 19 2020 from Schools Alliance for Excellence on Vimeo.

For when schools re-open, how can school leaders best prepare for the transition back for children with SEND?

This webinar was hosted by Amelie Thompson, Malcolm Reeve , Anne Heavey and Maria Dawes on Tuesday May 19th - 1.30pm- 3.00pm
This webinar explored key areas that will be impacting all pupils as schools re-open but that would be particularly important when considering planning and provision for pupils with SEND. 


To find out more about our work with WholeSchool SEND or our SENCO Networks, visit our SEND and Special Schools pages.


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