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Schools Alliance for Excellence

SAfE is an Education Partnership Committed to Building an Education System That is Better for All

We are an alliance made up of schools and other partners to deliver a high quality, cohesive, coordinated school-led improvement system to serve all children and schools, from nursery to post-16.

SAfE is a not-for-profit school improvement company that builds upon a strong legacy of partnership working between schools to bring coherence to the education system and to ensure that all schools have access to the support that they need.

Delivering excellent, inclusive and evidence informed traded professional learning and development programmes alongside tailored school improvement and governance services.

Educational Equity

SAfE is committed to Educational Equity.

Supporting every school and setting to serve the needs of every child and young person.

Will you commit with us, to Educational Equity for all?

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School Improvement

SAfE is committed to supporting and driving improvement across all Surrey schools and Trusts. SAfE offers a range of traded school improvement services that can be tailored to meet the needs of all schools, academies, and Trusts.

Curriculum Development

Our professional development is focussed on key priorities that are relevant to Surrey schools. We have a range of professional learning and development opportunities which are offered under our Curriculum Development.

Leadership Development

The core business of SAfE is supporting Surrey schools to deliver an education system that is better for all. Our professional development is focussed on key priorities that are relevant to Surrey schools.

Governance Services

SAfE provides statutory Governor Services for maintained schools on behalf of Surrey County Council in addition to a purchasable Governance SLA which is offered to all Surrey schools and academies.


“As always, thank you for the insight, the feedback and the benefit of your knowledge and experience. I thought the Summit was fantastic – Lee Elliot Major was excellent but my breakout room with Shaun Brown was the most thought provoking and inspiring. Well organised and exceedingly useful.”


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