Our Mission and Values


Mission statement



To create an inclusive partnership where all children and young people have the opportunities to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes through excellent education.





By working together to harness the expertise that exists in the system we will:



Support a truly excellent school-led improvement system from early years to post-16


Build a collaboration for improvement for all schools and education settings


Facilitate a safe, community enabling challenge, support, improvement, innovation and learning from one another 






Core values


Trust - SAfE is a trusted 'school improvement space'

The organisation and its peoples integrity ensure the interests of the schools and its staff and children come first. We are a not for profit organisation and act accordingly.

Inclusivity - SAfE is a school-led system improving outcomes for all

A determination to ensure complete equality and opportunity for all regardless of abilities, physical challenges, race, religion or the orientation they identify with.

Support and Challenge -  SAfE is a financially sustainable, school-led system that is here for the longterm

To provide a backbone network where schools and the organisation cooperate in a way that delivers multifaceted support across the full spectrum of our activities. 

‚ÄčUnderstanding the environment schools live in and overcoming financial constraints, legislation and the wealth of change every school faces.

Collaboration - SAfE is a school-led system that promotes collaboration in place of competition

Promoting and supporting open working and cooperation between schools, training providers and the team of experts.

Aspiration -  SAfE provides a "cultural frame" for Surrey's education system

To work with every single Surrey school to explode and share the wealth of expertise which in turn creates more opportunities for truly excellent educational environments. 

Evidence-rich -  SAfE aims to be "thought leaders" in education leadership and school improvement

Base every strategy, advice and guidance on the best available current research and providing a platform of evidence and information to allow decision makers within schools to base actions on the best possible advice, again in keeping with our not-for-profit remit.


The core values to which we are committed, and which underpin our activities, are: 


Strategic Priorities

System culture

Building on the existing culture of collaborative working to deliver a mature model of a school led system.

No Child Left Behind

Improved outcomes for vulnerable groups with no child left behind.

Quality Outcomes

Highest quality learning and outcomes with no school or setting left behind.


A system where schools know themselves well and welcome challenge.

Support and Development

The very best support and professional development delivered by system practitioners with expertise and track record.

Work-force well being

Recruiting, retaining and valuing our education work-force.


Inclusive and safe provision that meets the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

"The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”

Robert John Meehan

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Mission Statement

"To create an inclusive partnership where all children and young people have the opportunities to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes through excellent education"


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