Our Mission and Values


Mission statement


To create an inclusive partnership where all children and young people have the opportunities to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes through excellent education.




By working together to harness the expertise that exists in the system we will build:



a truly excellent education system from early years to post-16


a collaboration for improvement for all schools and education settings not just those experiencing dificulty 


a safe community enabling challenge, support, improvement, innovation and learning from one another 





Core values


Membership of SAfE is open to all Surrey schools and settings and as an alliance we are committed to the following values;


Trust - SAfE is a trusted 'school improvement space'

Inclusivity - SAfE is a school-led system improving outcomes for all

Support and Challenge -  SAfE acts with integrity and advocates on behalf of our children and young people and schools

Collaboration - SAfE is a school-led system that promotes collaboration in place of competition

Aspiration -  SAfE delivers excellence in everything we do

Evidence-rich -  SAfE constantly sources new ideas, innovation and partnerships and we base our work on the best available current research. 


Our Philosophy


Our professional learning, advice, guidance and support is underpinned by the following principles; 


Our work is focused with the clear intention to increase our schools’/settings effectiveness with the aim of improving outcomes for pupils

Our work is informed by the context of the individual setting and/or local/regional/national needs

Our content and design are underpinned by robust evidence and expertise and makes explicit links between theory, evidence and classroom practice

Our work is delivered by those with the necessary experience, expertise and skills including local practitioners

Our work includes opportunities for reflection, collaboration, and expert challenge

Our work is designed to be sustained over a period of time

We have processes in place to ensure the highest quality.



The core values to which we are committed, and which underpin these priorities are: 


Strategic Priorities


In 20/21 we will work to deliver five priorities in support of this mission




Engagement & Partnership within and beyond Surrey


  • We will support the building of a mature school-led system where schools/settings and partners have a shared commitment to improvement and excellent outcomes for all children and a collective refusal to accept under-performance

  • Surrey is outward looking and influences policy-making at every level of the education system seeking sharing innovative solutions to problems and change.

  • We will work in partnership with Surrey CC/Health/3rd sector on supporting pupils mental health and well-being particularly in the light of COVID.




Professional Learning through high quality leadership, teaching and learning and governance 


  • We will provide a road map of high-quality leadership, teaching and learning and governance professional learning programmes supporting career development and progression delivered by system practitioners with expertise and track record.

  • We will work with schools to support teaching and whole-school strategies in light of COVID particularly around:

    • Supporting great teaching – including a blended approach

    • Assessment and feedback

    • Transition support

  • We will develop governance support to guide them through their role considering ongoing COVID implications.



Supporting vulnerable groups, through an inclusive and extensive offer which also seeks to ameliorate the COVID-19 gap in Surrey  


  • We will work with partners to ensure that all children and young people receive an inclusive education and a support offer that matches their needs.​

  • We will work with schools and partners to improve outcomes and progress for identified vulnerable groups including disadvantaged and pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • We will support schools to ameliorate the COVID gap ensuring that approaches align with Pupil Premium strategies and wide school improvement priorities




Supporting all schools to take responsibility for their own improvement 


  • We will support all schools to take responsibility for their own improvement including the ability to accurately self-evaluate using robust external challenge

  • We will support and challenge all schools to improve, regardless of their starting point. We will aim to support schools before they get into difficulty providing more intensive support as required and ensure that all schools can access the support they need.




Ensuring business sustainability, quality provision and growth  


  • ​We have a three year strategy for financial sustainablity, quality and growth.





"The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”

Robert John Meehan


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Mission Statement

"To create an inclusive partnership where all children and young people have the opportunities to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes through excellent education"

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