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We are the ‘glue’ supporting partnership and collaboration between schools so no school is left isolated and vulnerable. We provide a central place for schools to go where they know they can find high quality support, information and professional learning opportunities.

We believe that all Surrey children are our collective responsibility and working in partnership, drawing on our collective strengths, we can support each other to do the best for every child through excellent education.

We are an independent not-for-profit school improvement organisation that is owned and governed by schools (80%) in partnership with Surrey Local Authority and the six Dioceses in Surrey. We represent the voice of  our local schools, regardless of phase or status and seek to create a contemporary middle tier. Working together, we are building on and developing successful and existing partnership work, including that led by the teaching schools. 

In September 2019 the local authority commissioned us to deliver its statutory school improvement service and this was extended to include statutory Governance support from August 2021.




Our key activities include:


Knowing our Schools Well

We know the strengths and needs of our schools through rigorous self-evaluation, partnership working, our school improvement team and our system leader consultants. This means that we can tailor our support and commission learning opportunities to address the needs of our communities.


We will ensure all schools receive the support and challenge they need to develop and improve.


We work with schools to help them know themselves well and welcome challenge from each other through effective partnerships to help them be the best they can and ensure no school fails.

Professional Learning

We will offer a pathway  programme of excellence, expertise and professional learning opportunities to support career development and progression for school professionals.


We will provide high quality leadership development networks and briefings.


We facilitate leaders, teachers and other professionals to become reflective practitioners, building on research and sharing of best practice between themselves and our wider partners.


SAfE Annual Report to Directors

The SAfE Annual Report to Directors for 2020.2021 can be found here

The SAfE Annual Report to Directors for 2019.2020 can be found here

"System leadership arises when political leaders and school leaders openly debate and agree on the moral purpose of education and then work in partnership to agree and to implement the means by which such purposes can be realised."

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Mission Statement

"To create an inclusive partnership where all children and young people have the opportunities to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes through excellent education"

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