SAfE's Professional Learning & Development Offer Spring Term 2022


We are delighted to share the latest release of the SAfE's Spring 2022 Professional Learning and Development Offer. 

 This has been sent to the Headteacher of every Surrey school via email.   

Click the image above to download a copy of our Spring 2022 listing for all phases!




Supporting SAfE through Subscription in 2021/2022


As you will know, SAfE is a school-led system that is funded in part by the school community. Your contribution helped us build a school-led improvement offer from scratch in 2019 and enabled us to provide a virtual support system, accessible free of charge to every school during the spring and summer terms of 2020, as part of our response to COVID-19. 

In order to sustain and build the school led school improvement system, SAfE is reliant upon a proportion of its income from Surrey schools. If you would like to support the sustained development of SAfE, please consider contributing through your school’s annual subscription in 2020/2021.

Thank you to those schools that continue to support SAfE through annual subscription.

 Subscription charges for 2021/2022 have been simplified, with rates kept as low as possible to ensure value for money.

A subscribing school will continue to benefit from:

  • All subject networks for no cost
  • 20% discount on the cost of any other charged  networks, webinars or training events.

The subscription for most schools will be in line with those for 2020/21. The following banding arrangement has been introduced from September 2021 and will apply for the September 2021/ August 2022 period;


School Size

School cost

Less than 100 pupils


100 – 299


300 – 599


600 – 899


900 - 1199


1200 -



If you are an existing subscriber, you do not need to do anything to continue your school’s subscription for the year 2021/2022. Your subscription invoice will be emailed to you in early September. The per pupil calculation has been based on the January 2021 NOR data provided by SCC.

If however you have decided to unsubscribe from SAfE with effect from September 2021, you will need to opt out via this link by July 31st.  Any bookings already made for events for September onwards will then be adjusted to the non-subscriber price.

If you would like to subscribe to SAfE from September 2021, please confirm via this link by July 31st.   Your subscription invoice will be emailed to you in early September, and any bookings already made for events from September onwards will be adjusted to the reduced subscriber price.

If you would like to discuss subscription further please do not hesitate to contact the SAfE team via or directly via 01483 749954.


Where do I go to find out more about events and resources? 


Visit our New SAfE Bookings portal for a full calendar of our upcoming events, webinars and network meetings and to book your place.

For resources and recordings of our most recent events, visit our Media Library.



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