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Welcome to our Upcoming Events page! SAfE and STSN are hosting a number of webinars, network meetings and training programmes in the coming weeks and months to help support our Surrey Schools community.

On this page you will find our online events calendar and details of these upcoming events. 

The 2021 SAfE Leadership Conference

We are excited to announce the SAfE 2021 Annual Leadership Summit, which SAfE is delivering in partnership with Phase Councils in February 2021. To register your interest in attending, click below.

What's coming up this term at SAfE?

To book at our regular webinars and network meetings, please take a look at our Eventbrite calendar on the left. For details of upcoming events and courses, along with booking links and contact details, check out our events table below. If you are looking for information on STSN's ongoing NPQ programmes, please visit STSN's website here.


Events Table

Find details of our upcoming events here

Date Event How to Book
Scheduled January to July 2021 Primary Subject Networks (including English, Phonics) Book on our Primary Subject Networks Hub
Scheduled January to July 2021 Secondary Subject Networks  Book on our Secondary Subject Networks Hub
21/01/2021 Whole School SEND - Improving Outcomes Session 3  Book on Eventbrite!
21/01/2021 Whole School SEND - Improving Outcomes Session 3  Book on Eventbrite!
03/02/2021 School age SENCO Network  Book on Eventbrite!
13/01/2021, 20/01/2021, 03/02/2021 New to Reception Meetings Book on Eventbrite!

15/01/2021 EXTRA SESSION


'Give your Head a Break'

Join us via Zoom! on the 15th

Join us via Zoom! on the 26th

27/01/2021 Primary Pupil Premium Network with Marc Rowland Book on Eventbrite!
27/01/2021 Supporting Governors webinar Book on Eventbrite!
23/02/2021 Speech & Language Therapy Support in Mainstream Schools Book on Eventbrite!
23/02/2021 Assessing Progress Without Data Book on Eventbrite!
24/02/2021 EYFS Profile Workshop Spring term 2021 Book on Eventbrite!
03/03/2021 Effective Use of COVID Catch-Up Funding Webinar Book on Eventbrite!
09/03/2021 Nursery Class Networks Book on Eventbrite!
10/03/2021 Focussing on Curriculum Design with Christine Counsell Book on Eventbrite!


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