Race, Identity and School Leadership Programme   


A programme designed to create change and create new possibilities for future generations!




Building from the conversation at the Leadership Summit, SAfE is delighted to invite schools to participate in a new programme to help leaders begin this important work to bring about lasting change and impact whole school leadership learning, policy and practice with regards to race equality.  


In partnership with Integrity Coaching, we are offering a new year-long school centred 

'Race, Identity and School Leadership’ Programme.


What does the programme comprise?


Each school joining the programme is offered two places : for the Headteacher and a further SLT member to participate together for the whole programme.

 - a year-long programme of 6 modular sessions

- an orientation session on October 12th 2021 10 to 11am

 - a final evaluation session at the end of the programme.


Modular session dates will be arranged by Integrity Coaching with individual schools.

£500 for subscribers/ £600 for non-subscribers. This event is subsidised by SAfE.

School leaders - transforming society - working together


In May it will be a year since the world witnessed the killing of George Floyd and race equality and social justice were firmly placed back on the agenda.

This events of last year demonstrated why there can be no papering over the cracks if the dream of racial equality is to become a reality.

Society needs to be transformed and our Headteachers and senior school leaders have a key role to play in this transformation.

Headteachers shape the culture, the vision, the ethos of their schools and hence through their actions, determine what racial equality and social justice look like within their own contexts.

And so it is vital school leaders develop the self-awareness, knowledge and competencies to drive this work forward.

This work is challenging work, but it is the right work. As it is only by leaning into the uncomfortable spaces and finding help and support that something new, something better, can be brought to life.

Go to our Bookings Portal to book your school’s two places.


Click here to download the full programme for 'Race, Identity and School Leadership'


The programme consists of two core elements:

Race Identity and Pedagogy Workshops - The workshops are designed to provide a safe space for sharing, reflecting and developing confidence, understanding and expertise on:


  • Understanding the history of racism and the context for race equality work in schools

  • The creation of personal narratives as educators and how they shape personal and professional
    perspectives on curriculum content and delivery and the development of an anti-racist ethos and

  • How to engage in school-wide dialogue to inform and support ethical classroom leadership and
    embed best race equality practice

Reflective Enquiry Sessions – These sessions are designed to build upon themes covered in the workshops and provide a safe space for educators to reflect critically as group, in order to:


  • Extend their critical thinking around race equality and social justice

  • Rehearse and gain confidence in their ability to talk about race

  • Identify and formulate strategies for forwarding the agenda in their own contexts


The programme will provide spaces for school leaders to:


  • Identify key principles of racial equality and social justice and what best practice looks like in individual school contexts

  • Use a narrative enquiry framework to identify how to create personal and organisational narratives that support the achievement of pupils of different races and backgrounds

  • Equip senior school leaders with the necessary psychological and emotional tools for engaging in difficult conversations about race

  • Increase leaders own sense of personal agency and ability to act as an agent of change

  • Question and reflect on the prevailing narratives that have shaped the discourse on race, identity, education and the achievement of pupils of different races


“If you have the privilege of working within and leading a school community, it is vital that you understand the nature of your own race and identity as well as that of the diverse community you serve. It is vital for leaders to be both racially literate and culturally competent if everyone in the community is to flourish, and if parents are to have the confidence that the school provides an anti-racist environment. Working on this course is empowering and challenging and gives us a common language for the future.”

Colette Morris, Headteacher, Christ Church CofE Primary School



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