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On this page you can find national updates for EYFS and key documents to support the Surrey EYFS community, as well as details of upcoming events and programmes on our Webinars & Programmes page.

Under our Teaching and Learning page, you can find guiding principles and practises for EYFS settings and supporting documents.

On our Assessment and Moderation page, you will find details of assessment and moderation criteria for EYFS.



"Teaching should not be taken to imply a ‘top down’ or formal way of working. It is a broad term which covers the many different ways in which adults help young children learn.

It includes their interactions with children during planned and child-initiated play and activities: communicating and modelling language, showing, explaining, demonstrating, exploring ideas, encouraging, questioning, recalling, providing a narrative for what they are doing, facilitating and setting challenges.

It takes account of the equipment they provide and the attention to the physical environment as well as the structure and routines of the day that establish expectations."

Teaching and Play in the Early Years - a balancing act.

 Ofsted July 2015



Getting Ready for the EYFS Reforms


Significant changes across EYFS are due to be implemented in September 2021. These include new Early Learning Goals, new Development Matters, adjustment to the EYFS Profile plus new ways of working with regard to assessment, teaching and learning in both Reception and Nursery classes. In addition the new Reception Baseline is set to become statutory in September 2021, so overall there are important developments facing Early Years classes in schools.

One basic principle of the EYFS reforms is to provide teachers with more opportunities for engaging in teaching and learning through play, conversation and focussed teaching, and much less emphasis on teachers amassing observations or relying on frequent formal assessments. The challenge for teachers and SLT’s in the future, will be to balance reducing observations and assessments yet to retain good knowledge of children’s individual progress, to ensure that planning meets the needs of all children.



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National Updates

Key Documentation for preparing for EY Reforms





Timeline - EYFS Reforms 2020


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