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Our Teaching and Learning Team will support your subject leadership whether you are beginning your journey or already have some experience. This page will support you with resources focussed on subject leadership alongside subject specific resources and links.


Literacy and Early Language Acquisition

Tackling the Disadvantage Gap


A key way to tackle the disadvantage gap in the early years and throughout primary school is to improve children’s literacy and language skills. On average, 40 per cent of the overall gap between disadvantaged 16-year-olds and their peers has already emerged by the age of five.

These gaps are particularly pronounced in early language and literacy.


Black and Wiliam (2018) state:

“Children from working class families, who are only familiar with the restricted code of their everyday language, may find it difficult to engage with the elaborated code that is required by the learning discourse of the classroom and which those from middle class families experience in their home lives.”

Central to outstanding subject leadership is a focus on subject-specific vocabulary to support children to have a solid foundation across the whole curriculum. By prioritising vocabulary from EYFS to Year 6, disadvantaged children will have more knowledge to provide more opportunity for success.

Ofsted subject specific information

The research review series and primary school blogs show examples of practice and provide subject specific information.

Professional learning and events


As part of our mission to ensure all pupils achieve the best possible outcomes, SAfE are committed to providing high quality professional learning.

Our Foundation Subject Leaders network programme will support subject leaders in developing high quality practice.

The Teaching and Learning Leads can offer bespoke in-school support over a period of time to:


  • Support implementation of a project or whole school initiative, including whole school training and a review of the impact of initiatives.

  • Develop leadership skills of Subject Leaders to drive standards in their subject.

  • Support the development of identified teachers’ pedagogy to ensure they are delivering quality first teaching.

  • ​​Support Subject Leaders to monitor and evaluate their subject in terms of their Intent, Implementation and Impact, and identify key priorities and actions to ensure improvement.


For any further foundation subject leader queries or if you would like to present at the foundation subject leader networks, please contact:

Subject Leadership Resources


Our resources will enable you to audit and monitor your subject effectively. There are also resources to support those new to subject leadership with an overview of the roles and responsibilities.

Curriculum Planning Resources


These examples from schools will support subject leaders in their own curriculum planning and development.

Click on the icons below to view resources by subjects:


Subject Specific Resources


These associations and networks can support leaders in furthering their own subject knowledge, supporting CPD and developing assessment within their subjects.

Click on the icons below to view resources by subjects:



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