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On this page you will find details of our Primary English networks, and resources to support a blended approach towards home learning for students.

The presentation of resources as either on- line or off- line reflects the need for schools to have a blended approach between the two approaches. This means that children who have limited or no access to technology are still able to learn and receive an educational offer but also acknowledges the need to limit daily screen time for children (Children’s Commissioner)

Please contact SAfE if you would like help either to talk through any of these resources or to discuss how these might support a coherent offer.

Subject Network Meetings

SAfE is launching a series of online network meetings for subject teachers and leaders to come together and discuss home learning. We hope these meetings will provide valuable opportunities to discuss what schools are trialling and learning from their experiences with home learning during COVID-19. 

Network Resources

Thank you to those who attended our Primary English Network on October 6th. Please find below the slides from this event.

Thank you to those who attended our Primary English Recovery Network on July 13th, please find below the slides from this event. You can also download an example weekly lesson plan for transition back in to school by clicking here

Thank you to those who attended our Primary English Recovery Network on June 22nd, please find below the slides from this event:

Online Resources

Focus Area


Links / Resources

@english mastery have produced workbooks with activity plans consisting of weekly tasks in all areas of English: reading, writing, grammar, spellings and handwriting

A variety of reading, writing and spelling tasks for Years 1 -6 – there is a workbook per year group

Providing children with engaging and accessible books

A range of reading books for children of various ages.

A wide range of English activities, games and videos for EYFS and Keys Stages 1 and 2.



The Diocese of Guildford has created 7 modules to support children’s writing. The modules provide a framework and selection of activities to enable children to develop their writing skills for a number of purposes and audiences.  

The modules are outlined in a series of powerpoint slides which can be accessed here;  

0. Introduction - Writing

1. Letters

2. Instructions/Recipes

3. Narrative

4. Persuasion

5. Information Text

6. Explanatory Writing

7. Poetry


Offline Resources

Focus Area


Links / Resources

Workbooks from @english mastery can be downloaded and printed for completion by children in hard copies. These will need to be in conjunction with reading book

Varied Photocopied workbooks, paper and pens.

The websites below all have a range of downloadable and printable materials which can be circulated for distribution or collection for children, including a range of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 literacy activities:

A range of stimulus materials with reading and writing tasks attached. Photocopied workbooks, paper and pens.
All year groups = this has sections for Early Years and Primary which are great

Hamilton Trust -

Pie Corbett -

All will require printing

For EYFS and KS1, some adult input still needed.

Minimal use of online links in Pie Corbett

Poetry - Y1

Can you find your favourite poem or a poem that you enjoy and write it out carefully and neatly?

Draw a picture to show what it is about. As an extra challenge, can you write a similar poem of your own?

Try and write a poem about one of the Seasons. You could write an acrostic poem where the letters of the season begin each line.

Sunny mornings and blue sky






Writing/ drawing materials
Rhyming challenge – Y1

Write down as many words as you can that rhyme (sound the same as these)

CAT     SING     FOX      BUN      TICK      SEE     BOAT


Writing/ drawing materials
Story writing – Y1

Make up your own story about an animal character of your choice.

You could write about the Easter Bunny going on an adventure, an octopus exploring under the sea or even a teddy bear visiting a new town.
Writing/ drawing materials

Handwriting Practice – Y1

Handwriting Practice.

Write out all of the days of the week and the months of the year, don’t forget capital letters.

Challenge: Can you write 3 sentences including some of the words? For example, My birthday is on a Monday in May.

Remember to use the correct letter formation

Writing/ drawing materials
Fact file – Y2
  • Participate in a Joe Wicks work out
  • Design a poster or leaflet with 10 exercises of your choice. Include information about the importance of exercise and fitness.
  • Design a healthy eating menu for a day. Write what you would eat and drink for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Think of why the foods and drinks you have included in the menu are healthy. Write this down
  • Write a story about a character who enjoys keeping healthy (or unhealthy!)
Writing/ drawing materials
Book review – Y4

Read a book that interests you.

Write a book review. Include:

Title, author, fiction or non-fiction
What is the book about? Write a summary
Who would you recommend the book to? Why?
Write 3 interesting things you learned or enjoyed about this book
What rating would you give to the book? e.g 5/5, great book etc
An illustration from the book

Other Useful Links


BBC Bitesize content has been expanded, to provide regular daily lessons in English, Maths and other core subjects. It includes:

Bitesize Daily - six different 20-minute shows, each targeted at specific age groups from five to 14, covering Maths, Science and English, as well as subjects including History and Geography; 

more than 150 new lessons added every week to the Bitesize website and app;

          advice for parents on home-schooling, and guides for pupils with special educational needs;

for older students, BBC Four is showing evening programmes to support the GCSE and A-level curriculum.

The government has also announced that it is backing a new national online school, called Oak National Academy, to provide 180 hours of free lessons a week. It will offer content based on the curriculum, from Reception to Year 10, for teachers to use when planning remote learning. These resources are designed and developed by teachers to offer support during this period. Teachers are free to choose how to use it – either to follow the full curriculum on offer or signpost students to some of the resources and lessons available. All resources, lessons and more information can be accessed here:  


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