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Thank you to everyone who attended out subject specific network groups during the Summer term. As we navigaed school closures and home learning during COVID-19, SAfE organised and supported a series of networks to allow subject specialists to work together with their peers across Surrey and consider the most effective way to support their students during in home and blended learning environments.

We are running KS3 and KS4 Lead Pastoral Networks this academic year. 

Resources and suggestions generated by our subject and pastoral networks can be found on the appropriate subject pages below. Please see the event table below to book a place on one of these networks.

Upcoming Online Subject and Pastoral Network Events Schedule


Please find our upcoming schedule of Online Subject Network events. Visit our organiser page to view all of these events, or click on the links below for individual subjects.

Please note:


All networks will take place at 3.45pm to 4.45pm on Zoom, with the exception of Maths, which is managed by Surrey Maths Hub. Science networks will be organised by the Surrey Science Learning Partnership and will run at 4.00pm.

Subject networks are FREE for all SAfE Subscribers; for non-SAfE Subscribers Networks are charged at £150 for a single subject for the year, or  £1,200 for all subjects. Contact for more information, or visit our membership page for details on how to become a subscriber.

Subject Network Event Date

Wednesday 5th May,

Wednesday 7th July


Wednesday 19th May,

Monday 21st June


Monday 10th May,

Thursday 1st July


Thursday 29th April,

Tuesday 29th June


Tuesday 4th May,

Monday 5th July


Wednesday 12th May,

Thursday 24th June


Wednesday 28th April,

Wednesday 23rd June


Tuesday 18th May,

Tuesday 22nd June


Monday 26th April,

Monday 28th June


Thursday 20th May,

Wednesday 30th June



Thursday 13th May


Thursday 8th July


Thursday 29th April,

Monday 5th July

KS5 Psychology Monday 8th February
KS3 Pastoral Leads

Monday 24th May,

Monday 12th July

KS4 Pastoral Lead

Tuesday 25th May,

Tuesday 13th July


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