Blended learning - Primary Schools

Preparation for Phase 3 – Summer Term.

It is now clear that school closures will extend through the Summer Term and pupils may not return to school until September. In order to offer meaningful and accessible learning opportunities, schools will now be planning how they will be delivering a remote learning curriculum to their pupils. It is of course crucial to mitigate against the risk that extended absence from school will cause irreparable damage to children and young people’s education and life chances and that it will have an especially detrimental effect on disadvantaged children and young people.

We are aware that many schools are already up and running and plans are in place for next term. We are conscious, however, that some schools because of unique circumstances may require additional support. With that in mind and with the additional desire to create and retain our sense of community in Surrey, we are planning to bring together some of the best practice with regard to what to deliver and how to deliver remote learning, to formulate learning programmes and collate high quality resources that schools can access for this phase.

A SAfE or LA Adviser will work with a number of Head Teachers, teachers and teaching schools to draw together, create and share the best approaches and resources available.


There are various principles that will underpin this work:

  • Schools have the autonomy to decide how best they support pupil’s learning at home. This will be depend on the context of both the school and the pupils.
  • Individual schools and MATs may be entirely self sufficient and clear with their offer and do not require support;
  • There are schools who are devising and communicating effective programmes of study and rather than duplicate we want to capture and disseminate more widely this practice to all schools through the SAfE website;
  • There are now a multitude of websites etc offering support during this period. We are aware that these are of variable quality and schools will not necessarily individually have the ability to quality assure these;
  • Some schools will need support, for a number of reasons, to provide access to high quality home-learning and these are our priority to support during this period;
  • Home-learning is not ‘home-teaching’. Supporting pupils home-learning must not be an additional pressure on parents and does not require them to have the subject knowledge to ‘teach’;
  • Not all resources can require access to a screen as this may be a challenge in disadvantaged homes or where there are a number of siblings;
  • We have to consider and incorporate approaches to keeping in touch with children and parents through this time and to monitor their progress and to provide ongoing support. This is particularly crucial for vulnerable children who may already be disengaging. However, this must be proportional and manageable for teacher.



Primary Deputy Heads Resources

Thank you to those who joined us from the Primary Deputy Heads webinar 15/07/2020.

You can find the presentation from this webinar, along with supporting resources, below:

Information which will assist in your approach to planning for effective blended learning

Here, you will find information about subject specific content when planning for blended learning 


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