SAfE is commissioned by Surrey County Council to carry out statutory school improvement work in Surrey maintained schools.  SAfE’s Key Performance Indicators are below, but please note that these are subject to change in line with changes in statutory duty due to the Covid-19 pandemic: 

1.       maintain Surrey pupils’ top-quartile attainment at the early years foundation stage (EYFS), key stage (KS) one, two and four. 

2.       maintain or improve the percentage of schools judged as good or outstanding from the base line of 93%, with the aspiration that no school will be placed in an Ofsted ‘inadequate’ category within the next 18 months. 

3.       narrow the gap between Surrey disadvantaged pupils and national non-disadvantaged at KS4 (APS) to be in line with the national gap by summer 2022. (Summer 2020 national gap -13.5, Surrey -15.4)  

4.       narrow the gap between Surrey disadvantaged pupils and national non-disadvantaged to be in-line with the national gap by summer 2022. (Summer 19 national gap -20pp, Surrey gap 25pp) 

5.       reduce vulnerable pupils’ (CIN and SEN support) rates of absence and exclusion from school to be in line with Statistical Neighbours. (Summer 20 4/11 SN) 

6.       increase the percentage of children on FSM who enter higher education (HE) by age 19 by 2pp. (Currently 19.8%) 


School Improvement Team


Chief Executive Officer of SAfE Maria Dawes
Director of School Improvement Louise Yarnell
SAfE School Improvement Advisors Roxanne Gumbs/Andrew Stear
SAfE School Improvement Associate (Church Schools) Matthew Rixson
Governance Consultant Ruth Murton
SAfE Support Partners 30 SSPs from Surrey Schools commissioned to work with SAfE to implement School Improvement
Secondary Networks Lead and Trainer/Facilitator Michele Miller
Teaching and Learning Lead (English) Roxanne Gumbs



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