SAfE monitors Surrey Schools to ensure that the right schools receive the right support at the right time.  To do this, we use:

Statutory Data (when available): regular monitoring of statutory data from Surrey schools contributes to an early warning system and allows us to focus support.  During the Covid-19 pandemic statutory data has been suspended.  SAfE has created and developed collection of other data to ensure continuity.

Key Support Needs Assessments (KSNA): completed in the Autumn Term by all Surrey Maintained Schools.  This is an optional exercise for Academies.  This audit tool gives a broad overview of the schools’ current robustness, asking schools to self-assess in 8 key areas: Safeguarding; Governance; School Leadership; Staffing, Quality of Education; Behaviour and Attitudes; Finance and Estates.  All returns are reviewed by the School Improvement Team.

KSNA Quality Assurance Visits:  the SAfE SI team will visit approximately one third of schools, across the academic year, to validate the KSNAs received. *

Categorisation:  SAfE works in partnership with Surrey County Council and the Phase Council Leads to identify schools who need to move to Support & Challenge (S&C) or Support & Challenge + (S&C+). (See overleaf for criteria).  Resources are allocated to these schools for targeted school improvement plans to be drawn up and implemented.  These plans have a budget attached which is either allocated from the SAfE commission or can be funded by the school itself if their finances allow.   Representatives from SCC, Phase Councils and SAfE meet half-termly to share information, review progress of current S&C schools and refer new S&C schools where necessary or transition S&C schools out of the programme when they no longer need that level of support.

* The intelligence gained from these visits will inform both the schools designation and recommendations regarding professional learning needs across the county through the categorisation process and recommendations. 


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