School Improvement Strategy


Support and Challenge Schools


A small number of maintained schools will require additional support and challenge. In this case the process shown on this page will be followed.





Identify Support and
Challenge School:

SAfE consultant informs

school and identifies 

an NLE/SL to be SP


SP allocated to school

to support with action plan

and to develop support plan

SP brokers support - funds available

Funds available from primary intervention funds

for maintained primary schools

Support and Challenge Group

chaired by SAfE consultant to monitor

progress and adjust action plan






Ofsted Inspections

If you are a maintained school and have been identified as a Challenge and Support School, your allocated SAfE Advisor will contact you directly following notification to discuss any support you may require.

They will be available to either meet with or have a telephone conversation with a member of the Ofsted team.  They will also be available to attend your post inspection feedback.



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