Governance Services

Traded School Governance Offer Summary

SAfE is passionate about supporting all schools and Trusts in the Surrey and wider area; serving improvement across all phases from nursery to post-16, for maintained schools and academies. We have developed our school improvement traded offer in collaboration with Headteachers and CEOs to ensure that we can work alongside you to support your school development journey.

We are committed to supporting our Trust community to develop and improve and can provide specific consultancy and support services for Trusts and CEOs.

Traded Governance Support

You will receive effective, cohesive support from our team of experts, selected specifically to deliver long-lasting, positive change around your organisation’s key objectives.
We are able to offer you:

Leadership, Curriculum and Governance Support & Consultancy

We can provide expert consultancy and advisory support for both maintained schools and Trusts either as part of an annual SLA or on a bespoke basis.

Senior Leadership Recruitment Support

The recruitment of a new Headteacher, CEO or Executive Head is arguably the most important decision a governing body will make. As a strong Governing or Trust Board you recognise the importance of attracting leaders who will deliver on your ambitions for children and young people. You need the right person at the right time who understands your school’s strategic vision and has the experience and expertise to bring that vision to life.

Centred on school improvement and offering value for money, SAfE will help you secure the best possible leader for your school. Recruitment packages are intelligently crafted so that you can feel confident to get the very best candidate for your school. Note: this support package is provided free to Surrey maintained schools.

How can I purchase school governance services?

  • We offer packages of school improvement services which provide great value for money. Our SLAs run for one year from September to August. Please download a copy of our brochures to find out more or visit our booking portal.

  • We can also work with you to build a bespoke package of training and consultancy which is targeted to your specific goals and the needs in your school or Trust.

  • Subscribing schools receive a 20% discount on all our consultancy and training. See our Subscription and Memberships

  • Please contact if you would like to talk to a colleague from the governance team about your school or Trust’s needs and to find out how SAfE can support your plans to improve.