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What We Do

Schools Alliance for Education, SAfE was established in 2019 by schools, for schools, to continue a school-led approach to improvement. This built on the existing culture of collaboration that characterized and underpinned education in Surrey over the last 15 years including the work of the twenty Surrey Teaching Schools who became known as STSN. We are a not-for-profit membership company working in partnership with Surrey County Council and other key stakeholders.

Educational Equity sits at the heart of what we do, supporting an inclusive school system where all children and young people achieve and thrive, with fair and unbiased chances in life.

We are focused on working together to provide school improvement consultancy and services, professional development, conferences, projects, and professional networks. Our services aim to support education professionals to deliver an excellent education for all children and young people.

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SAfE offers a collaborative and inclusive way for maintained schools and academies to work together, across the six Diocese and over the 50 trusts in Surrey. A local hub with wider regional and national knowledge, where schools can develop strong ties and work jointly. Where schools can take part in innovative projects to improve practice and outcomes, sharing their experiences and expertise with one another.

We are committed to:

  • Taking responsibility for the quality of education in Surrey and helping to drive improvements in outcomes for children and young people

  • Minimising the dangers of fragmentation and isolation within the school system ensuring that no school is left behind

  • Acting as an engine of improvement locally – the glue – brokering connections and initiatives across schools, and stimulating innovation

  • Promoting partnership working between schools and stakeholders including Surrey County Council
SAFE school improvement infographic
Over 80% of all schools in Surrey are SAfE subscribers

We are stronger together

Over 80% of all schools in Surrey are SAfE subscribers. This gives them opportunities to free curriculum networks, discounted professional learning and consultancy and access to significantly discounted projects led by some of the best educational experts such as Tom Sheringham, Christine Counsel, Marc Rowland, Rachel McFarlane and Sam Strickland. We work closely with Teach First, our local Teaching School and Curriculum hubs, Research Schools and other partners such as Diverse Educators, Eduthing and Evaluate My School

For 24/25 we have continued to keep our subscription rates low to allow as many schools as possible to be able to work in partnership.

By joining SAfE you are part of the SAfE community – fostering meaningful relationships and enriching experiences.

David Hargreaves

“System leadership arises when political leaders and school leaders openly debate and agree on the moral purpose of education and then work in partnership to agree and to implement the means by which such purposes can be realised.”