About Us

Our Mission

We are an inclusive partnership where all children and young people have the opportunities to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes through excellent education.

Our Shared Vision

Harnessing the expertise across a collaborative school-led system to:

  • Facilitate a shared responsibility for all children and young people through a fully inclusive and educationally equitable system

  • Achieve excellent outcomes for all Surrey children by supporting schools and settings to:

    • provide inspirational leadership & governance
    • deliver broad and rich curriculum and innovative teaching and learning
    • develop & share best practice
  • Build a legacy of high quality support and challenge for our schools, championing honest and robust school-led self-evaluation to drive the improvement agenda

  • Grow our excellent reputation, both locally and nationally, supported by a sustainable organisation

Our Safe Values

Inclusion sits at the heart of all that SAfE does.

  • Nurturing partnerships with an ambitious and effective culture

  • Championing collaboration over competition and isolation

  • Developing and sustaining inspirational leadership

  • Delivering robust and supportive school improvement

  • Securing a broad-based, rich and inclusive curriculum for all children and young people

  • Improvement underpinned by evidence rich, research driven learning

  • Sharing best practice

  • Promoting staff wellbeing and development

Our Approach

Supporting continuous improvement and excellent outcomes

  • School Improvement

  • Curriculum Support

  • Leadership Development

  • Educational Equity

Our Professional Learning Principles

All SAfE Professional Learning:

  • Drives educational equity
  • Supports a commitment to continual learning
  • Shaped by expertise, evidence and research
  • Is sustained and sustainable
  • Empowers self-reflection for improvement