Primary Assessment

Maintained Schools

If you are a maintained school in Surrey, your statutory assessment, monitoring visits and external moderation will be delivered by SAfE as the representative of your local authority.

Surrey maintained schools are entitled to the fully funded statutory assessment support service, including email and telephone access to a team of advisors able to give advice relating to assessment including statutory teacher assessment and statutory testing.

Assessment Leader Briefings

The set of 4 briefings will support Assessment Leaders to administer statutory assessments during the academic year.

You can book a place on our Assessment Leader Briefings to support your primary assessment and moderation, and support you through these processes:

Key Stage 1

The assessment at the end of Key Stage 1 is no longer statutory and there will be no external moderation visits for Year 2. Data will not be collected by the local authority and end of Key Stage 1 results will not be a school accountability measure.

You can access optional test materials and apply the non-statutory teacher assessment framework to support your in-school assessment.

National curriculum assessments: optional key stage 1 tests – GOV.UK

The Phonics Screening Check remains statutory and schools may be subject to a monitoring visit the week prior to the screening, the week of the screening or the week after the screening. Local authorities have a statutory duty to provide monitoring visits to at least 10% of maintained schools that are administering the Phonics Screening Check.

Phonics screening check: 2023 materials – GOV.UK 

PSC Briefing: Phonics Screening Check Briefing

Key Stage 2

The Multiplication Tables Check remains statutory in Year 4 and schools will be expected to follow STA guidance on how to administer the check.

Multiplication tables check – GOV.UK

There are no monitoring visits for the administration of the Multiplication Tables Check.

Maintained schools have a statutory duty to ensure that the Key Stage 2 assessments are administered to all eligible pupils. Schools should ensure that these are administered in accordance with published test administration guidance.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to provide monitoring visits to at least 10% of maintained schools that are administering the Key Stage 2 tests.

External Key Stage 2 moderation remains statutory to ensure that teacher assessments are accurate and consistent with national standards. Teachers should assess all relevant pupils using the Teacher Assessment Frameworks and exemplification materials: Key stage 2 teacher assessment – GOV.UK

Local authorities conduct external moderation on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education and they are required to externally moderate at least 25% of schools every year at the end of Key Stage 2. Selected schools will have a sample of their English writing outcomes moderated and participate in a professional discussion with a Key Stage 2 moderator. This is a dialogue between teachers and moderators to discuss judgements, use the Teacher Assessment Frameworks and ensure consistency with national standards. If your school is chosen for an external moderation visit, you will be invited to a briefing session where the process is fully explained.

Monitoring Visits

Monitoring visits for both the Phonics Screening Check and Key Stage 2 tests are unannounced visits during the test window. These visits will be carried out by School Improvement Advisors who will be checking to ensure that schools have followed the guidance regarding:

  • keeping the Phonics Screening Check/KS1 (if using) and KS2 test materials secure 
  • administration of the check/KS2 tests 
  • scoring the Phonics Screening Check 
  • packing up of Key Stage 2 tests 

If your school receives a monitoring visit, you must allow those monitoring to: 

  • see where materials are stored and check delivery notes 
  • observe any checks/KS2 tests being administered 
  • see copies of any correspondence with the STA regarding the administration of the test 

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