Secondary Deputy Head 24-25

The network is a community of Deputy Heads who engage in learning, thinking and sharing experiences of senior leadership.

Evidence-based practice and pedagogy underpins thought leadership. Meetings are a blend of input, discussion and peer presentation with agenda items proposed by a steering group of DH peers to ensure meetings are relevant and high-impact.

This network will meet once each term face-to-face, meeting at the SAfE HQ in Woking.

The beliefs, knowledge and or teaching practices this programme aims to address

An opportunity to share good practice and network with other secondary Deputy Headteacher

Intended Impact on Practice

  • Building a community of good practice as a support for Deputy Headteachers in Surrey secondary schools

Intended improvement and/or evaluation of impact for pupils, including those with SEND and/or disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Sharing knowledge and skills for the benefit of all children, but particularly those with additional needs.

£375.00 Excl. VAT

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Event Details

Day 1: October 08, 2024
Start time: 09:00
End time: 12:00

Day 2: March 19, 2025
Start time: 09:00
End time: 12:00

Day 3: June 18, 2025
Start time: 09:00
End time: 12:00