Classroom Strategies to Support Primary Refugee Pupils Autumn 22

Welcoming refugees from across the world is not new to Surrey schools.  Sadly, Ukrainian children now join us alongside other refugee families and children from Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea, Albania and many other countries.  Engaging refugee pupils with school life is a long and complex process.   

This course, led by Hounslow Language Service on behalf of SAfE, focuses on the teaching of survival English as well as strategies that enable beginners and early stage learners of EAL to access all areas of the curriculum. 

We explore the skills that these pupils need in order to take part in the oral and literacy tasks in the classroom.   We also look at ways of developing thinking skills in relation to content and language. 

The beliefs, knowledge, understanding and/or teaching practices this programme aims to address: 

  • Classroom strategies to enable refugees and new arrivals to access all areas of the curriculum 

Intended Impact on practice:

  • Gives staff a better understanding of how to support refugee pupils 

Intended improvement and/or evaluation of impact for pupils, including those with SEND and/or disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • Schools with a better understanding of the needs of refugees are more able to support improved outcomes. 

£220.00 Excl. VAT

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Event Details

Day 1: November 24, 2022
Start time: 13:00
End time: 15:30

Day 2: January 12, 2023
Start time: 13:00
End time: 15:30

Venue: St John the Baptist School, GU22 9AL - Training Suite