Governance Essentials: Enhancing Effectiveness 24-25

Governance Essentials: Enhancing Effectiveness is an in-depth training programme designed to equip school governors with the essential skills and knowledge to enhance their effectiveness and have a positive impact on school improvement. This programme is structured into three 2-hour sessions, with the first two sessions held virtually and the third session held face-to-face.

Participants will be able to:

  • understand the education landscape and stay well-informed about current hot topics.
  • grasp the fundamentals of school governance, including different types of governors, governance structures, and key legislation.
  • describe and execute the core functions of governance, applying principles of ethical governance in their practice.
  • distinguish between strategic and operational roles to ensure effective governance.
  • navigate the regulatory framework for governance to ensure their school remains compliant with all requirements.
  • develop and maintain strong relationships with fellow governors and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative governance environment.
  • develop the skills to ask insightful and challenging questions that promote accountability and improvement.
  • gain knowledge of ad-hoc governance responsibilities such as handling complaints and panel work.
  • reflect on their own governance strengths and areas for improvement, identifying the next steps in their development.

Ideal for new governors and those wishing to enhance their governance expertise, this programme provides the tools needed to make a significant impact on school improvement.

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Please note that this course can be accessed if your school has purchased our “Building Excellence in Governance Support Package” (the package allows your school to send up to two governors on this training course free of charge).

£240.00 Excl. VAT

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Event Details

Day 1: November 13, 2024
Start time: 18:00
End time: 20:00

Day 2: February 05, 2025
Start time: 18:00
End time: 20:00

Day 3: June 11, 2025
Start time: 14:00
End time: 16:00