New to Role SENCO Autumn 23

‘Possibly the most informative, engaging and supportive training i have ever had – 8 years teaching!’ 

SENCO New to Role Delegate Sept 2022.

This event will provide information about Surrey’s policies and procedures on Special Educational Needs and Disability, in a period of constant change and challenge. There is also guidance for new SENCos on strategies and approaches that will help them manage their role.

Intended Impact on practice:

  • New SENCos aware of the appropriate paperwork to use when working with children, families and the Local Authority.
  • Analyse current approaches to identifying SEND to ensure need types are accurate and all learners with SEND are receiving additional to or different from provision.
  • Greater awareness of how to engage professional support services across Surrey.
  • Reflect on how they can ensure the graduated approach is understood and implemented consistently across their setting.
  • Gain an insight into system they can adopt in order to manage their SEND workload.
  • Understand how to monitor and track interventions in order to be able to gauge the impact they are having on learners.
  • Appreciation of the different person-centred approaches that can be used in order to work with and engage learners and their families.

Intended impact on pupil outcomes:

  • Clearer awareness of Surrey’s approach to supporting SEND pupils will help new SENCos to target how additional provision meets the needs of pupils to help them better access the curriculum.
  • More focused support to help pupils engage with the curriculum will help support overall progress.
  • Early identification and prompt intervention to help learners better access the curriculum and engage with learning to make better progress.
  • Person centred approaches will help pupils to develop skills that will help prepare them for the next stage of their education.

Intended outcomes for disadvantaged pupils:

  • Support for disadvantaged learners targeting their needs with input from professionals across Surrey.
  • Tighter monitoring of interventions will help in refining content so that support meets the needs of this group of pupils.

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Event Details

Day 1: October 04, 2023
Start time: 09:30
End time: 16:00

Venue: St John the Baptist School Woking, Surrey GU22 9AL