Primary Assistant and Deputy Head Network 24-25

The network is a community of Primary Assistant and Deputy Heads who engage in learning, thinking and sharing experiences of senior leadership.

Evidence-based practice and pedagogy underpins thought leadership. Meetings are a blend of input, discussion and peer presentation with agenda items proposed by a steering group of senior leader peers to ensure meetings are relevant and high-impact.

This network will meet once each term face-to-face, meeting at the SAfE HQ in Woking.

The beliefs, knowledge, understanding and/or teaching practices this programme aims to address:  

  • Work successfully with other schools and organisations in a climate of mutual challenge and support.

Intended Impact on practice: 

  • Develop appropriate evidence-informed strategies for improvement.
  • Develop the leadership skills of primary Deputy Heads to ensure that they are effective in their role.  

Intended improvement and/or evaluation of impact for pupils, including those with SEND and/or disadvantaged backgrounds**: 

  • SAfE endeavours to support an accessible education for all; this theme is a golden thread through our training and networks.

£375.00 Excl. VAT

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Event Details

Day 1: October 10, 2024
Start time: 13:00
End time: 16:00

Day 2: April 03, 2025
Start time: 13:00
End time: 16:00

Day 3: June 05, 2025
Start time: 13:00
End time: 16:00

Venue: St John the Baptist School, Woking